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Take action on misleading labels!

Self-made school canteen certifications promote processed snacks. If you want labels that help you make healthier choices, ask food companies to remove these misleading logos off their packs.

Help remove misleading self-made school canteen logos on food products

It's not always obvious which snacks are healthy, and which aren't. It doesn’t help that food companies give snack foods the health halo treatment by creating their own canteen approved logos.

There are a number of these 'school canteen approved' claims and logos that have found their way onto the packs of certain snacks sold in supermarkets. I Quit Sugar initially referred this issue to us and since then we've come across 17 different labels!

These labels aren’t accredited or approved. They have been created by food companies and appear to be designed to imply that junk food is a healthy option. 

CHOICE’s research found that 43% of parents believed that products with these logos are healthier than similar products without logos. And 42% would be more likely to choose a product with one of these logos than a similar product without the logo. With 1 in 4 children in Australia overweight or obese, we need labels that make it easier to make healthier decisions.

CHOICE has referred products with school canteen approved claims to the ACCC, asking the regulator to determine if the claims are misleading and a breach of Australian Consumer Law.

Help us remove these claims from supermarket shelves sooner by calling on food companies to remove these self-made certification logos off their products so consumers can make healthier choices.

Help remove misleading self-made school canteen logos on food products

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