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Sign here for better consumer protections

Australian regulators - we demand a stronger consumer law!

Safe, fair, and just markets; the Takata airbag recall shambles shows that Australians need them. Sign our petition to demand stronger consumer protections. 

2.3 million cars across Australia have a potentially deadly fault. The Takata brand airbags installed in the cars carry a risk of catastrophic injury or death, with a fault causing them to send shrapnel flying with force at drivers and passengers when the airbags deploy. The recall is a shambles. It's why CHOICE is calling for changes to the consumer law to force companies to do better. 

How do I check if my car is safe?

1. Head to the Product Safety website and check if your car is on the recall list. 

2. If it is, contact your local dealership to arrange for the airbags to  be replaced.

3. If they can't do this within a reasonable period of time, lodge a complaint with your local State or Territory consumer agency.

What is CHOICE trying to change?

Did you know that in Australia, there is no law that expressly requires businesses to make sure the goods they sell are safe before they hit the stores? This needs to change - other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom place a general safety obligation on businesses, and it's time we caught up. 

This is one of the legal changes we are asking for as a part of a current review of Australia's consumer protection law, to improve product safety and strengthen consumer protections. 

Find out more about the Review of the Australian Consumer Law and what CHOICE is recommending.